For years lending businesses have been selling PPI on loans and credit cards, and for years my fellow Scots have been buying PPI, the funny thing is we often didn’t know we were buying it!

So what is PPI? Well PPI is an insuance policy that is designed to pay your loan or credit card in the event of ‘sickness, accident or unemployment’ (with lots of small print of course). So what is the problem with this I hear you ask? Absolutely nothing if you knew you were buying it, qualified after all the clauses or actually wanted it!

So come on Scotland, checkout your credit and see what you;ve agreed to take out? I looked at my loans and credit cards and was amazed to see how niave I’d been in agreeing to 3 PPI policies without even realising it. Some people would instantly think I’m a fool for allowing myself to take out PPI, I thought the same until I looked into it and it became very apparent to me that millions of people have been mis-sold PPI. YES MIS-SOLD PPI! Could the lenders have really done this to me? Well the English law makers have confirmed it, I’ve been had just like millions of my countrymen, this is just not acceptable.

Has it happened to you? Have thousands been taken from your wallet without even realising it? Did you ever look at your credit card or loan and wonder why it wasn’t going down…… Well for me it wass because of PPI.

Now for the bit that amazed me, I spoke to some nice people over the phone at company called iSmart (amazing they were nice as they’re south of the border but I’ll live with that because..) they look at my loans and credit cards, confirmed what I’d already seen for myself and offered to reclaim my mis-sold PPI for me, of course this made me a little nervous but after agreeing a no win no fee deal (which is standard) I agreed to go ahead. Well I tell you claiming my PPI back was the best thing I’ve done, it took a little while but apart from filling soem forms in I just sat back and relaxed (for those that know me I was really cursing the banks for mis-selling me PPI the…)

Anyway to cut a long story short I got £4500 back for claiming my mis-sold PPI back for about 15 minutes of my time. Now I call that a result. So my advice would be that if you haven’t looked at your credit make sure you do.