Personal Injury Claim
By - Nards1983

Do you get more compensation for personal injury claims in the UK or USA?

Experiencing an injury is a stressful event that no one would ever like to experience, but due to the relatively high number of accidents in both United Kingdom and the United States of America, most of the people must go through this uncomfortable process of asking for compensation from the authorities for their injuries. So, what is the highest compensation you can get for your pain and financial losses and which country can offer you more? What is the “compensation culture” and how do the two countries implement it in their systems?

A personal injury can be both physical and psychological, no matter if it was caused by an accident in traffic, child abuse, harassment, working conditions or errors in a hospital treatment. Now, even if the victim was provided the necessary first aid and/or hospital treatment, they can afterwards make a personal injury claim to get a compensation.

In the UK, the maximum compensation an injury claimer ever received was the amount of £28 million to anonymous person who’s suffering started after a car crash, and the second highest paid compensation ever was given to Maisha Najeeb, a child who happened to be a victim of severe medical negligence as she had “glue injected to her brain” when she was only 10 years old, counting an amount of £24 million.

These numbers seem to be very high but compared to USA’s biggest compensation for personal injury – it’s more than 5 times lower. In the United States, the highest payout went to a family – Middleton, whose son was a victim of a personal attack – that year, the story ended up with the family being awarded with as much as approximately £117bn, although this was seen as more of a symbolic award that came 12 years after their son’s passing.

Again, considering Maisha’s horrible story, several cases of medical malpractice were claimed in the US as well. One of such situations was Tiffany Applewhite, who suffered brain damage while waiting for the ambulance and afterwards won around £134 million in a judgement against New York City – an amount “beating all the records” of compensations for personal injury claims in the United States of America. writes: “Whilst compensation payments in the USA are generally higher than in the UK, there are a significant proportion of personal injury compensation claims which will not be accepted.”

In conclusion, the compensation for personal injury claims vary not only from country to country, but it also depends on the circumstances of the accident, severity of injuries, type of personal injury and quality of personal injury solicitors. No matter what statistics show, if you happen to go through this unfortunate and stressful event, you always have the right to claim your injury and ask for a compensation.