Personal Injury Claim
By - Nards1983

Do you get more compensation for personal injury claims in the UK or USA?

Experiencing an injury is a stressful event that no one would ever like to experience, but due to the relatively high number of accidents in both United Kingdom and the United States of America, most of the people must go through this uncomfortable process of asking for compensation from the authorities for their injuries. So, what is the highest compensation

Planning Solicitors
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Farmer who claimed her land belongs to God loses her legal case

The saying ‘on God’s green earth’ took a literal meaning for a farmer in Chilsworthy. This happened during a trial in which the woman was charged with breaching planning laws. She argued that her land belongs to God and was therefore not subject to the laws of man. The farmer and her husband, Liane and Stephen Shepherd, had purchased the

Negligence Solicitor
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Supreme Court rules that misleading hospital waiting times can class as negligence

Suing the NHS and their medical facilities is possible if they mislead you about waiting hospital times. The Supreme Court ruled that a hospital was in breach of its duty of care after its A&E reception staff informed a patient that they had to wait up to 5 hours. The claimant suffered permanent brain damage following the ‘incomplete and misleading’